Breathe, move, live freely

Breathe, move, live freely


“As a dedicated and experienced teacher I put a lot of thought and love into my classes. I teach an alignment-conscious, breath-led, intelligent yoga flow. Connecting with my students is a joy and a priority for me. I strive to, even within a group class setting,  to make sure that each and every one has a rewarding and meaningful experience.”

Private Sessions

In a private session you get the opportunity to get a yoga experience completely tailored to your needs and interests.

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Spain yoga retreat

Join Maja & Clare in the spectacular andalusian mountains, Sept 24-30, 2023

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Yoga at the office

Bring yoga to work! Practicing yoga regularly enhances focus and clarity of mind as well as a healthy body.

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“Maja’s classes offer a perfect combination of exploration, challenge, and care. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and Maja will always be my favorite teacher because of the exceptional creativity, knowledge, and warmth she brings to each class. In Maja’s classes, I can safely explore and expand my yoga practice, gaining strength and flexibility in my mind and body, with expert guidance and encouragement.”

Sigrid Von Wendel

“Lying in Shavasana at the end of my first class with Maja, I remember thinking, “that was the best yoga class I have ever taken.” I had just moved to NYC and had tried three different yoga studios with at least eight different teachers. But once I met Maja I knew that she was the teacher for me. Her classes always strike the perfect balance between mindfulness and physicality. I always leave feeling positive, energized and excited for the rest of my day. Her optimism, humor, generosity and care for each student results in a harmonious group energy and therefore a fantastic practice.”

Hannah Cook

“Maja’s classes are challenging but intimate and she always does a great job explaining the poses and giving each of us tailored options. Most importantly, over the years, I’ve come to know Maja as a lovely person and we bonded over our shared taste for 90s music. We all miss her in NYC and she’ll be a gift to the German yoga scene. “

Fanni Koszeg

“Maja is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever worked with, over 20 years of practice in dozens of studios in five cities. I looked forward to my weekly class with her all week, and always left feeling recharged, grounded, and an inch taller. She noticed and corrected minor misalignments that I’d been repeating for years, and corrected them gently and clearly so that I felt further along in my practice after a year of working with her than I had ever before. Her class is always just the right mix of introspective mental work and challenging-but-restorative physical work, and her close attention and nurturing nature adds a layer of feeling cared for, like after getting a great massage. I felt like a close friend was leaving when Maja moved away from New York, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find a class that I love as much as hers.”

Lilly O’Donnell

“Maja embodies the rare yoga combination of technical expertise and a
style I describe as flow joy! She knows alignment, gently offering
hands-on adjustments and suggesting alternative poses for varying
needs. What I love most about practicing with her, though, is the
flow of poses and transitions and the energized feeling during and
after a class with her. Maja is a unique soul and I’d travel far for
her grace, humor and expertise!”

Shannon Curry Hartmann

“Maja’s classes are invariably challenging but gentle, inspiring me to constantly grow as a yogini and as a compassionate human being. Her classes welcomes newcomers to yoga as well as seasoned practitioners, always allowing for adjustments that make sense for our individual bodies, challenges, and goals. Her loving presence inspires all of us.”

Marjorie Silver

“Maja is a wonderfully empathetic, kind and generous yoga teacher, and I consider myself lucky to have had her as my one of first instructors. Truly there is no one else who made me so comfortable learning yoga! I can’t smell the scent of lavender without thinking of Maja at close of practice.”

Stacie Joy

“Maja may be far away from me now but she will always stay close within my heart! From calming the conversations in my head, to adjusting a yoga pose, to strengthening every muscle of my being, Maja has been there to calm, adjust and strengthen. She opened new doors into my practice which have carried over into everyday life. Oh, how I enjoyed our days, weeks and years together in New York City!! I looked forward to each and every class and was excited to wake up in the morning knowing that Maja would be teaching. Her classes gave me knowledge about well-being in both mind and body that I continue to use on and off the mat, every single day. Any yogi should be so lucky to encounter someone like Maja at least once in their lifetime. I am so fortunate to have studied and practiced with her over the years. I take everything she has taught me to the mat and out the door every single day.”

Rob Goodmonson